Fusing smarts of marketing with the art of storytelling

You are no longer just the pursuer.

You are being pursued!

In today's engagement economy people track YOU down, sum you up in seconds, stay a while if you tell a great STORY. They become attached if you engage them in CONVERSATION. 

Catch attention with your unique insights and authentic storytelling—not just another paragraph of marketing blurb.


messaging & COMMUNICATIOn  

Influence trust, respect and action through authentic and scintillating stories, strategies and content.


Video Marketing Strategy is more than the video—strategize, govern, host, amplify and analyze. 


Stretch your budget with Executive Producer insights for a stronger story, more content and cesults!


Jacqui brings a global voice and compelling energy to deliver your story on-camera and at live events. 

Jacqui Buchanan

As an innovative Global Fortune 500 Marketing and Communications Consultant, for 15+ years she has helped corporations and leaders inspire, engage and transform audiences through results-driven strategies and messaging.

A seasoned International TV Broadcaster to 80M+ viewers, Jacqui intuitively simplifies complex themes and thought leadership into outcome-driven, scintillating stories influencing diverse audiences.    

Video is her sweet spot having produced virtually every type of “moving image” from script-to-screen.

"Many of the smartest people in this world find it terribly confronting to find that 'right way of saying it' when the camera is rolling. I feel their pain as I had to learn on the fly when I started presenting to massive global audiences." 

 "It's amazing how far one executive interview or marcom product can go—and the money saved—if you assess up front the multitude of ways to reach your audience across the marketing mix. And it's not done often enough!"

A networker extraordinaire, Jacqui has had the honor of working with a vast and diverse range of political and corporate leaders such as South African Presidents Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk, Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, Sun Microsystem’s Scott McNealy, Computer Associates’ Charles Wong, Intel’s George Moore and Andy Grove, Deloitte’s Barry Salzberg, America’s 1st Woman in Space Dr Sally Ride, Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brinto mention a few!


“On behalf of the team, I want to congratulate you. Your outstanding leadership, communication skills and yourability to manage with strategic vision made this project the success it was.

SVP at a Fortune 50 corporate


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